Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola Hits America Hard | 2 American Health Workers Diagnosed, More Cases Expected

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We know that our viewers come here for entertainment but this is News that we have to make everyone aware of because it potentially will effect all of our followers & supporters across the globe. We learned in recent news that a Texas nurse is the first person in the U.S to be diagnosed with Ebola due to transmission within the U.S. The Nurse has been identified as Nina Pham, a 26 year old nurse who was one of 50 people to tend to Thomas Duncan before he passed away due to the Ebola virus he contracted while out of the country. Even though it is just two people that have been diagnosed, this is a very serious issue as the U.S government is focused on preventing this virus from spreading through out the country. Everyone, please, be safe out there and be aware that Ebola is not a joke, this is a serious issue that will have a huge impact on the globe if it continues to spread without a known cure.