Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OG Maco: Beyhive Act Like I'm Trash But Beyonce Stole My Concept

As we all know, back in late November OG Maco accused Beyonce of stealing his video concept from "U Guessed It"  - in her video for "7/11" she's seen prancing around with her dancers in hotels and her home, similar to Maco's visuals for his smash-hit. WHen OG Maco brought it to the media's attention, however, he says he didn't do it to come for Beyonce, but more so her "cult-like" fans are the ones who scream "Black Unity" on social media but in the same breathe were bashing him for his thoughts. "Look bro, we gotta stop fighting each other, 'cause look at how fast y'all wanted to bring me down," he states. "But let somebody else call me a N***** and it's like, 'Oh nah, we ain't going for that."